Extra-Curricular Activities

Learning happens in many different places and at different times. DBSJP places great emphasis on experiences and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Taking part in extra-curricular activities not only allows our students to explore an interest but also facilities the management of time and priorities, a meaningful contribution to a cause or maintain a long-term commitment. We also offer a broad range of educational visits and excursions, which are a vital part of our curriculum.

Please contact Mrs Kay Stevenson, our Receptionist for details: reception@dubaibritishschooljp.ae We believe that committed participation in a wide selection of ECAs helps build a strong and developed personal profile for our students’ future. DBSJP students are offered a myriad of ECAs, some which are lead by our teaching team and others that are organized by external specialist companies, one of which is E-Sports, the leading sports management and coaching company in the UAE. Based in Dubai, E-Sports provides sports training academies conducted by professional coaches for both children and adults of all levels. These sporting activity programmes include tennis, football, swimming, various holiday camps and much more.

Many E-Sports coaches have performed at a professional level in their sport, some have captained their teams at this level and some have even made it into the Guinness World Book of Records. E-Sports Contact: Kaye Smith, School Partnership Manager E-Sports, M +971 555 875 925, E kaye@esm.ae Also offering their services is The National Ballet Company, which opened its first studio in Jumeirah Islands Club back in 2013. Since then TNBC have expanded and are offering various dancing and movement classes at schools around Dubai.
Contact us in case of any questions you may have.