Medical Form

The Medical Form is required before your child starts at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park. This is to ensure that we are aware of any condition your child might have and any medication your child might have to take.

Healthy Diet

At Dubai British School Jumeirah Park we will encourage children to develop healthy eating habits and we would like to ask parents to provide their child with delicious and nutritious snacks and lunches. It will also help your child to concentrate and perform better at school.

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park will not allow nuts or foods containing nuts/nut protein to safeguard children who may suffer from with allergies. We will also discourage sweets, fizzy drinks, cakes and sugary biscuits. If at all, treat food should be saved for home time.

Consent for the administration of an over-the-counter medication

In the event that your child develops a fever or has pain it may be necessary to administer an over-the-counter medication. If your child is unable to take certain medications, we will kindly ask you to please contact the school nurse to discuss the problem. You will also be asked to sign a consent, which is part of the aforementioned Medical Form.


In the event that your child requires emergency treatment you will be contacted and asked to collect your child from the school. If the school is unable to contact you, your child will be taken to a doctor/hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Efforts to contact you will continue.


Should you child need to take medication during the school day, this should be handed to the school nurse(s) first thing in the morning to store it safely in the clinic and collected again at the end of the day. Our school nurse(s) will administer the correct dosage at the appropriate time. You will be asked to provide the medication in a plastic bag clearly labeled with your child’s name. Only parents or guardians will be allowed to collect the medication.

Absences and Sickness

In the case that you child might be absent, you will be asked to inform the classroom teacher or the school’s reception so the absence can be entered into the register.

If your child does not feel well, please allow him/her to stay at home until he/she is fit and well enough to attend school again. This will also help to reduce/avoid possible infections of other children and staff.


The Department of School Health requires schools to keep the current information of each child’s immunistion history. Parents will be asked to provide a copy of the same and update the records whenever necessary. As per the instructions received from KHDA, parents must submit a completed Immunisation Record of the child to the school clinic. The Immunisation Form can be downloaded from here.

Refusal of Vaccination

In case if you prefer not to receive any vaccination in the school premises, please complete the attached Vaccination Refusal Form

School Physical

According to Department of Health guidelines any child new to the Dubai school system or school leaver require a School Physical. This service will be offered by Dubai British School Jumeirah Park and parents will be notified in advance and will have the option to attend the examination. Parents will also have the option of having their child examined by their own family GP. In this case parents will be asked to provide the school with a copy of the GP’s report.