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julie varghese nurse

Julie Varghese - School Nurse

Our well-equipped Health Center is staffed with a full-time nurse and are located on the ground floor close to the main Reception areas, providing quality medical service to our students and staff. They feature a spacious waiting area, observation beds and medical equipment of the highest standards including a Nebulizer, Glucometer, ENT Diagnostic Set, Sphygmomanometer and Oxygen Cylinder.

Our health services are in line with the KHDA, the Dubai Health Authority School Health Guidelines and DBSJP’s policies. We also offer students health and hygiene tips, healthy food and nutrition suggestions, how to prevent and treat injuries, how to boost immunity and how to stay fit, healthy and how to keep safe.

As part of the application process, every student must have the Medical & Immunisation Form completed when joining Dubai British School Jumeirah Park. The form can be downloaded here.

The Dubai Health Authority mandates that a copy of every student’s vaccination record is kept on file at school and checked against the UAE’s vaccination schedule. This copy must be submitted with the Medical & Immunisation form as part of the application process. Students are not vaccinated at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park; all vaccinations should be done privately. Parents are required to update the school nurse when their child receives a vaccination so that their medical information can be updated.

Julie Varghese, School Nurse

T +971 (0)4 552 0247, ext 608

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